Bethlehem Ambulance Staff

Bethlehem Ambulance is a Basic Life Support provider. Each time the ambulance goes out, it is staffed by a crew of at least one trained, certified and licensed EMT-B (Emergency Medical Technician-Basic), and at least one licensed MRT (Medical Response Technician). Our crews typically consist of three people, one of which is a driver. The Association encourages all its members to achieve an EMT license. The testing and licensing requirements for Bethlehem Ambulance EMT-B's are identical to those for any ambulance service operating in Connecticut, whether volunteer or paid.

Bethlehem Ambulance Association, Inc.

PO Box 401

83 Main St South, Bethlehem, CT 06751



Advanced Life Support

Bethlehem Ambulance welcomes new members. Training is provided for prospective drivers, Emergency Medical Responders or Emergency Medical Technicians. Meetings are held on the first and third Monday of each month, at 7 PM. If you’re interested in joining, come to a meeting 83 Main St South, call 203-266-6666 or send an email